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There is litle being said about the true status of the candidacies of the four remaining Republicans running for president. There are reasons for this. Much of what the reporters know is meaningless. Much of what they want you to know is at best irrelevant, at worst falsehood. I’ll try to keep my personal assumptions out of this and simply offer three possibilities from which you may choose.

1) Gosh darn it, this election stuff is just too dang difficult for reporters and simple folk like us to get right, so mistakes are bound to happen.

 2) The abhorrent behemoth that is the melding of big government and big media has chosen to intentionally mislead us.

3) The average investigative reporter in 2012 generally neither investigates nor reports.

Just as a point of interest, of the 271 delegates comprised of the states who have voted thus far;113 delegates are BOUND at this point, 158 are open to vote for the candidate of their choice. It is entirely possible at this moment that the actual delegate leader is RON PAUL. I will try to give you as comprehensive a breakdown as can be gathered at this point.

IOWA  28 Delegates

Iowa has 28 delegates to send to the Nation Convention. All the hooplah aside, the popular vote held January 3rd was meaningless. NO Iowa delegates have thus far been allocated. The process of determining delegates began that night, but won’t end for some time. Once the final 28 delegates have made it through the paring down process, they will be open to vote for whomever they choose in the initial convention vote and any successive votes if the convention is brokered.(See link for more information on “brokered convention);

NEW HAMPSHIRE 12 Delegates

New Hampshire has 12 delegates which are allocated proportionally according to popular vote. Based on results from the January 10th vote Mitt Romney was awarded 7 delegates, Ron Paul 3 and John Huntsman 2 (2). These are bound delegates, meaning they are required to vote  for the person to whom they were allocated. (John Huntsman’s 2 delegates are released from allocation. More on this later.)


South Carolina has 25 Delegates in 2012.
( Would normally have been 50 prior to RNC imposed penalty for not following new allocation and date guidelines as set by Rule #15b see here);

South Carolina’s dlegates are allocated based on statewide and district results. Based on the popular vote results of January 21th, Newt Gingrich recieves 23 delegates, Mitt Romney 2.

FLORIDA 50 Delegates

Florida has 50 Delegates in 2012.
(Also a victim of Rule 15b as explained in above link.)
Florida was a Statewide Winner take All primary. All 50 Delegates are bound. Based on the popular vote held on January 31st, Mitt Romney was awarded all 50 delegates.

NEVADA 28 Delegates

Nevada has 28 Delegates. Oddly, our research has led to an as of yet unresolved conflict in reporting. Both ‘The Green Papers” (see link below-a) and a contact working on the ground in Nevada for the state GOP in Clark County affirm that delegates are to be awarded on a percentage basis for the share each candidate receives of the popular vote. The Nevada State GOP website (See link below-b) contradicts this information, however, and states that the delegates are not bound and are open to vote their conscience during the intitial and any subsequent votes at the National Convention. For purposes of this article, we will assume these delegates are bound and award 1 delegate per 3.57% of the popular vote, proper apportionment based on 28 total delegates. Based on popular vote from February 4th, Mitt Romney would receive 14, Newt Gingrich 6, Ron Paul 5, Rick Santorum 3.



MINNESOTA 40 Delegates

Minnesota has 40 Delegates. This is a caucus convention state, like Iowa before and Colorado now, and Missouri next month (info to follow.) No delegates have been determined and none are bound to any candidate based on the popular “Presidential preference poll” held Fbruary 7th.

COLORADO 36 Delegates

Colorado has 36 Delegates. Caucus convention, same as Iowa and Minnesota. No delegates have been selected or are bound to any candidate.

MISSOURI 52 Delegates

Missouri has 52 Delegates. I’m sure you’ve heard every pundit this side of the moon use the phrase ‘meaningless beauty contest’ to describe Missouri’s “Presidential preference poll” from February 7th. While it is an accurate statement, it is still misleading. It is no different than Iowa, Minnesota or Colorado in that the polls have NO bearing on which candidates the eventual delegates will vote for at the convention. The only difference is Missouri has two completely separate dates for the processes.

OK, so now I’ve bored you with minutia. Here is the direct breakdown with highlighted bits of information to consider.

New Hampshire-7. South Carolina-2. Florida-50. Nevada 14*. (Romney also has pledges from 17 Automatic Delegates- see info below.) Romney’s current TOTAL including pledges; 90


South Carolina 23. Nevada-6*. (3 pledges) TOTAL including pledges; 32


New Hampshire 3. Nevada- 5*. (1 pledge) TOTAL incl. pledges; 9


NONE. (1 pledge) TOTAL incl pledges; 1

Ron Paul’s campiagn plan all along has been to do well with open or non-binding caucus delegates. As of this writing, our understanding; He will garner more than 1/2 of Iowa’s 25 open, will win the majority of Minnesota’s 40, collect much better than popular vote suggests in Colorado and is poised for terrific numbers in Missouri. When added to word that the Ron Paul camp is doing exceptionally well in the week long Maine caucuses, there is reason for optimism!

(Automatic Delegates, sometimes referred to as “Super Delegates” are 117 total convention voters comprised of  3 delegates for each state and protectorate of the United States, with exceptions noted in the link);

117 “Super Delegates are open, 17 have pledged to Romney, 3 to Newt, 1 each to Ron Paul and Santorum.

271 Delegates from states that have already voted, but only 113 re awarded as follows;
ROMNEY 73, GINGRICH 29, PAUL 8, SANTORUM 3 (2 were awarded to Huntsman but now are open.)
158 have made the news, and are often attributed to candidates but are, in fact, not yet bound. Of these 158 there are many indications Ron Paul likely holds upwards of half.
This race is nowhere NEAR over. As much as the media contnues to try to convince us Ron Paul is in trouble, the truth is Santorum and Gingrich are the trailers in the ‘cash register’ where it counts!

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Comments on: "Deception, Despair and Delegates. The real story of primary season to date." (19)

  1. I will be sharing this with everybody that I can

  2. Thank you for doing your homework and sharing it with us.

  3. Pretty good explanation! Thank you.

  4. thanks for writing this! do you have a similar post on how to become a delegate?

    • j Vincent nix – We are working doubletime trying to coordinate all the information on becoming a delegate in each of the 59 states, territories and protectorates. Sadly, if not unexpectedly, it is tedium ad infinitum. Each state has different processes and each party, their own rules within each state. If that isn’t fun enough, they seem to keep this information as secret as possible. Perhaps they fear we riffraff will get involved.
      In the spirit of trying to help anyone we can, let me know in what state you reside and I will post that information asap.


  5. Sorry I am new to this but the following: “158 have made the news, and are often attributed to candidates but are, in fact, not yet bound. Of these 158 there are many indications Ron Paul likely holds upwards of half.”

    Where’s the indication that he holds up to half of those delegates? I know they are not bound to any candidate but why would they go to RP at the convention?

    • Ryan B-
      While each state has various rules governing the delegate selection process, I’ll give a very generic explanation here and hope it helps.

      In caucus states such as Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, Maine, and Nevada among many others, popular votes are just glorified straw polls.
      Each state varies, but basically imagine the delegate conventions this way:
      (These numbers are all arbitrary)
      On the day of the announced and media hyped elections, after the popular votes, each precinct then has a vote amongst itself to choose delegates to attend the district convention. The district convention, will then vote on county delegates, who vote on state delegates who will then go to the National convention.
      Imagine the March Madness field of sixty four whittling down to 32,16,8 etc. Only the delegates vote on who will advance. Thus the “team” with the most delegates in round one has a vastly increased chance of advancing in each successive round.
      My comment you quoted is based on our reports of the overwhelming number of delegates in the “field of 64″ that have allegience to Ron Paul.

      As small sample of this information is provided in graph form on Jack Hunter’s official campaign blog linked here:

      Hope this helps!


  6. So Florida no longer has bound delegates and it no longer winner take all. I pray for Ron Paul’s health, that God carries him with the energy of life and health through this process, all the way to the White House!

    • Jan,
      Sorry for the confusion, but yes, actually Florida’s delegates ARE still BOUND and it had an exemption for the “Win-All” rule so keep that status. Their penalty and that of South Carolina, was simply the forfeiture of 50% of their normal delegate totals.
      Again, sorry for not being clear.


  7. tj hopson said:

    good work! thanks.

  8. Thanks, this is a great breakdown. The only info I see about becoming a delegate in Texas is from the 2008 cycle. Also, our political maps are being challenged at the Supreme Court level, which may change some things around. Any help on dates and process for Texas delegates?

  9. Christy ,Hawaii said:

    Wow, this was very informative and I appreciate it. I have got a spot as a delegate in Hawaii and would like to encourage all Ron Paul supporters to figure out a way to become one. Once I understood the process I couldn’t not participate.

    • Christy,
      Congrats on becoming a delegate! My team is working on gathering the process information for every state and territory, and it is DAUNTING! If you could give a brief rundown of how it works in Hawaii with any pertinent links, I will be sure to add the info to our report! Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any info you can share!


  10. Thanks for breaking that down for those of us who aren’t well versed in the political process.

  11. Great article Carl. Great information on the delegates. Reposted on other websites.

  12. Really Good article and answers to reply questions. THANK YOU Carl

  13. RonPaulKicksAss said:

    Thanks for the excellent article! I am voting for Ron Paul! Get all of the delegates, Dr. Paul!

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